Building Desktop APEX Applications

Oracle Application Express – or APEX – is a powerful, supported, no-cost feature of the Oracle Database.  With APEX, you can easily, quickly and securely build web applications that interact with data stored in your Oracle databases.  Built on PL/SQL, APEX allows you to leverage much of your Oracle investment, as most of the PL/SQL-based business rules can remain “as is”, with little or no modification.

Both new developers and experienced Oracle veterans can find a new home with Oracle APEX, leveraging their existing talents, as well as learning new ones.

What you will learn

This 3-day course is an introduction to developing web applications using Oracle Application Express, or simply APEX. The course starts out with an overview of data model of the application that student will build. It then transitions to the SQL Workshop portion of APEX, where basic database object management concepts are addressed.

The bulk of the remainder of the class focuses on building an APEX application, starting with the core components that make up the foundation of the application. Students will then build several forms and reports, which allow user interaction with the data. Next, additional types of forms and reports will be introduced, as well as more advanced techniques used when managing them. The course will conclude with a review of the basic security attributes of an application as well as how to prepare and deploy it to a production environment.

The general course outline is as follows:

  • SQL Workshop
    • Creating the Base Objects Using a Script
    • Altering Objects and Creating Functions Using a Script
    • Altering Objects Manually
    • User Interface Defaults
  • Creating the Base Application
    • The Create Application Wizard
    • Public Pages
    • Navigation Bar Entries
    • Global Pages
    • Breadcrumbs
    • Lists of Values
  • Forms, Reports & Lists
    • Admin Home Page
    • Form on a Table with Report
    • Tabular Forms
    • Modal Form & Dynamic Action
    • Lists
  • Advanced Forms, Reports and Pages
    • Card Report
    • Form w/DA Refresh
    • Multi-Functional Page
  • Reporting
    • Calendars
    • Interactive Reports
    • Charts
  • Security
    • Authentication
    • Conditional Security
    • Authorization Schemes
    • Read-Only Items
  • Deployment
    • Exporting and Importing Your Application

Target audience

This class is intended for Oracle database application developers and business users who wish to become proficient in building Oracle APEX applications.  All skill levels are welcome, but the course is focused on an introductory level of instruction.

Required skills

No prior experience is required, but a basic background in Oracle Forms, PL/SQL, SQL, HTML and CSS will be beneficial.

Which versions of are covered?

This course covers APEX 5.0; effort will be made to also address and demonstrate features from APEX 5.1.

About the speaker

Scott Spendolini is president & founder at Sumner Technologies, a world-class Oracle® services, education & solutions firm.  Throughout his professional career, he has assisted a number of clients from various verticals with their Oracle APEX development and training needs. Spendolini is a long-time and regular presenter at many Oracle-related conferences, including Oracle OpenWorld, KScope, and RMOUG. He is a recipient of the Oracle Ace Director designation, author of Expert Oracle Application Express Security and co-author of Pro Oracle Application Express.  Spendolini is also an Oracle Certified Oracle Application Express developer.

Prior to reigniting Sumner Technologies in 2015, Spendolini was an APEX Practice director at Accenture and Enkitec from June 2012 through April 2015.  Before joining Enkitec as part of an acquisition,  he co-founded and ran Sumneva and Sumner Technologies from 2005 through 2012, which focused on Oracle APEX services, education & solutions.  Spendolini started his professional career at Oracle Corporation, where he worked with Oracle eBusiness Suite for almost 7 years and was a Senior Product Manager for Oracle APEX for just over three years.  He holds a dual bachelors degree from Syracuse University in Management Information Systems and Telecommunications Management and currently resides in Ashburn, Virginia with his wife and two children.

When is it planned

March 28th – 30th 2017.


Promennt, Skeifan 11b, 108 Reykjavík


The price for the three-day course is ISK 269,500 (roughly €2,330).

This price includes the fee for the course, refreshments during breaks as well as the course material.

Email us at for more information or register here.