Oracle Day 2015 – Simplify IT

In association with Miracle ehf, Oracle is pleased to invite you to a 1 day workshop under the banner of “Simplify IT”. You will be able to meet with top Oracle experts and share our vision on different subjects such as Digital Engagement, Cloud, Oracle Storage and Database Ecosystem, Software in Silicon and Big Data. We will also bring you the latest news and developments from Oracle Open World in San Francisco.

The day will consist of 1.5 hours sessions with breaks in between, giving you the flexibility to choose the talk tracks that are relevant to you and your business. Sessions will include both overviews and technical deep dives with demos. We will also have breakout and networking sessions in between, where you will be able to address your questions directly with an Oracle Specialist or network with your peers. You can find further information about the agenda on the workshop’s web site.

The workshop is free of charge but we ask you to register in advance. We will provide lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

We look forward to seeing you!


Clever feature in Oracle

I came across an article that describes a mechanism in Oracle that automatically performs a function that has traditionally been implemented “manually”. It caches results from functions so they only have to be called once for each value sent to the function. This works for version 11.1 and newer and version 11.2 offers some improvements. The benefit of the way Oracle implements this is that the mechanism works across sessions, i.e. if function f(x) is called in session 1 then the function does not have to be called again in session 2 because the result is cached if RESULT_CACHE is correctly configured.

The article offers a very good explanation of these concepts:

We’re hiring!

We are looking for a programmer, a software expert or a software engineer to work with us. Please call us at +354-544-5900 or email us at if you’re interested and if you think someone else might be interested you can share our post on Facebook (Icelandic only, sorry).

Agreement signed with LSH

Björn Jónsson and Gunnar Bjarnason at the signing.
Björn Jónsson and Gunnar Bjarnason at the signing.

Today, The National University Hospital (Landspítali) and Miracle signed an agreement to install and operate Miracle Stratos in the hospital’s IT environment.

Stratos provides Landspítali a new view on their IT infrastructure. The service map functionality makes connections between different components clearer, system overview is much simplified and the IT service catalogue is strengthened. All this results in more robust operations which benefits hospital staff and patients alike.

Gunnar Bjarnason, Miracle‘s CEO, says that Miracle has high expectations of the agreement with Landspítali regarding further development of Stratos as the hospital’s IT environment is both extensive and demanding.