Agreement signed with LSH

Björn Jónsson and Gunnar Bjarnason at the signing.
Björn Jónsson and Gunnar Bjarnason at the signing.

Today, The National University Hospital (Landspítali) and Miracle signed an agreement to install and operate Miracle Stratos in the hospital’s IT environment.

Stratos provides Landspítali a new view on their IT infrastructure. The service map functionality makes connections between different components clearer, system overview is much simplified and the IT service catalogue is strengthened. All this results in more robust operations which benefits hospital staff and patients alike.

Gunnar Bjarnason, Miracle‘s CEO, says that Miracle has high expectations of the agreement with Landspítali regarding further development of Stratos as the hospital’s IT environment is both extensive and demanding.

Still the best!

For the third successive year, Miracle comes in first in its class in a poll conducted by VR, the largest union of commercial and office workers in Iceland. The results of the poll were announced at the Harpa cultural centre in Reykjavík with a number of Miracle workers in attendance, brought there by our very own double-decker bus. Our pleasure and pride in the results is further enhanced by the fact that our score improved by more than a whole percent, from 4.81 to 4.87 out of a possible five.

A discussion about the poll (in Icelandic) can be found on the VR website.