Miracle employs a powerful team of experts in business intelligence, data warehousing, progamming, security consultants as well as database administrators with years of experience.

System analysis

Miracle consultants analyze and review IT systems and advise on how to meet business goals regarding uptime, accessibility, managing costs, security and more. We can help you analyse and design both your entire IT environment and its individual components. Our approach is based on maximizing usability, security and performance while keeping costs within acceptable limits.

  • Skilled professionals
  • Correct design minimizes risk
  • Target setting

Business Intelligence

The Miracle business intelligence team designs and implements BI competencies and platforms for clients as well as re-inventing and improving existing BI infrastructure. By combining BI skills with database expertise the Miracle BI team produces fast and reliable reports to provide customers with unparalleled insight into their business operations.

Staffing support

Miracle provides staffing support to clients on a short-term and long-term basis to address increased demand for IT services, special projects and reduced staff availability. By bringing in outside knowledge IT teams gain new skills and confidence, projects become more focused and pitfalls are avoided.

  • Economic solution to temporary staffing requirements
  • Professional consulting on a case-by-case basis
  • Assistance tailored to customer needs

Security assessments and audits

Miracle assists organizations in improving their security posture using a unique approach. Our consultants analyse how the IT environment best fulfils business requirements and how it addresses risks, assess the organization’s security and identify appropriate remediation. We provide solution roadmaps, remediation project plans and consultation to help achieve security goals.

Miracle‘s security assessments and audits are based on security best practices and meet the needs of several security standards, including PCI-DSS and ISO 27000 as well as regulatory and legal requirements. Necessary security controls can be implemented for any data, whether it is payment card data or other sensitive data.

Our approach results in a higher security posture for organizations. The fulfilment of standardised security requirements is an inevitable result of implementing the appropriate security controls and processes.

Miracle provides compliance reports and certificates where appropriate.