Crimson Miracle security seminar

Crimson Miracle Security Seminar

On March 22nd Miracle and Crimson will host a security seminar centering on the protection and use of personal data. The main focus will be on the PCI standard, the effect of GDPR and how the two interact. PCI is a standard created by the PCI Security Standards Council which is backed by major card issuers. The purpose of the standard is to protect card information. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which will come into effect on May 25 2018, aims at strengthening and unifying data protection for individuals within the EU.

The seminar is open to everyone and is relevant to management, technicians and other staff of organizations that handle card information and personal data. The morning session has a wider scope and the afternoon session dives deeper into the technical aspects.

Morning Session: Security & Compliance standards and how they tie together.

  • What is PCI (Who are the players, Who needs to be compliant with PCI, What are the penalties for non-compliance)
  • What is GDPR (same as above)
  • How do they relate to each other (Controls matrix for each standard compared)
  • Examples of overlap & differences (Focus of each standard, Scope and limits)
  • Relation to other security standards (ISO)

Afternoon Session: Understanding & Selecting Security Solutions for compliance.

  • Explanation of standard security solutions (IDS vs. IPS, Logging vs. FIM, Pentests vs. Vulnerability Scans, etc.)
  • How to shop for security solutions (Finding credible vendors, deciding on types of vendors)
  • RFI’s (Use of and how to structure one for greatest effect)
  • RFP’s (same as above)
  • All-in-one vs Standalone (Pluses and Minuses)
  • Tying security solutions into IT operational needs
  • Open source vs. Commercial solutions. (Pluses and Minuses)
  • Security solutions required/helpful for PCI and GDPR.(Required vs. helpful)


Hilton Reykjavík Nordica, halls F and G, 2nd floor.


ISK 2,900. Included in the price is admittance to the seminar and refreshments during breaks.


For further information please contact us at Please click here for registration.