Miracle offers a wide range of services, from providing backup support for isolated incidents to operating entire IT systems. We also offer solutions for monitoring and creating service maps for IT infrastructures.



We monitor databases and database environments every hour of the day, every day of the year. When an incident occurs that requires a response or an action we will notify you and you decide whether you handle the situation or let us do it.

  • Full monitoring every hour, every day
  • Incidents analysed instantly
  • Timely response and action


Database management

Miracle manages databases for clients of all sizes to guarantee maximum performance and uninterrupted services. We apply our specialized expertise to deliver preventive maintenance and fast response when incidents threaten to disrupt operations, thereby minimizing expenditure.

  • Professionals with extensive experience
  • Preventive maintenance to avoid incidents
  • Performance and uninterrupted services


Remote DBA

Accessibility and uptime is key in IT operations. Incidents cost time and money. Miracle Remote DBA services are tailored to each client’s needs to maximize uptime and accessibility to data using preventive maintenance and processes.

  • Improves response time during incidents
  • Incidents analysed and solved fast
  • Increased value of IT systems


Live service maps

Stratos is a new product from Miracle that combines documentation, monitoring and system overview. Stratos helps you create and overview of your systems with a simple drag ‘n’ drop interface and the autodiscover feature can even do your this part of your work for you. The system starts monitoring IT infrastructure components as soon as they have been defined. Stratos regularly checks servers and services and updates their status on the overview map. If no response is received an alert is raised immediately which simplifies troubleshooting and status overview.

The overview map can contain various helpful pieces of information such as who is responsible for each system component. This makes it easy for managers and non-IT staff to find the appropriate support representative to quickly deal with incidents. Stratos maintains a history for the IT infrastructure which makes it possible to review system status retroactively, even if incidents have been resolved. Stratos also stores performance data which users can review at their leisure.

Stratos shows relationships between different systems. For example, if a certain database is scheduled for an update it is easy to see what systems are dependent on that database.


Security solutions

Miracle offers a range of security solutions and services that help its clients effectively and economically raise their security level. Those solutions and services include a payment card scanner, a centralized log management solution, a file integrity monitoring solution, external vulnerability scans as well as a threat detection solution for endpoint security.