Troubleshooting Oracle Performance

What do you do when your application isn’t running fast enough? You troubleshoot, of course. Finding the slow part of an application is often the easy part of the battle. It’s finding a solution that’s difficult. This seminar helps by providing a systematic approach to addressing the underlying causes of poor database application performance. The speaker freely shares his experience while explaining the underlying foundations of how the database engine executes SQL statements. You’ll be able to draw a solid foundation of theory and shared experience as you face head-on the performance challenges in your daily work.

What you will learn

This 2-day seminar is an introduction to diagnosing and resolving performance problems in database-backed applications involving Oracle Database. The content, which is based on the second edition of the book Troubleshooting Oracle Performance (Apress, 2014), in addition to introduce basics about performance optimization and Oracle Database, shows you how to do the following:

  • Identify performance problems using a systematic and repeatable approach.
  • Obtain and interpret execution plans as well as assess whether they are inefficient.
  • Apply SQL optimization techniques such as hints, stored outlines, SQL profiles and SQL plan baselines.
  • Optimize data access and joins.

Target audience

The seminar is intended for application developers, database administrators, and performance analysts who want to improve their skills in troubleshooting performance problems in applications using Oracle Database.

Required skills

No specific knowledge in performance optimization is required. However, readers are expected to have a working knowledge of Oracle Database and to be proficient with SQL.

Which versions of are covered?

The most important concepts covered in the seminar are independent of the version of Oracle Database you’re using. It’s inevitable, however, that when details about the implementation are discussed, some information is version-specific. This seminar explicitly discusses the following versions:

  • Oracle Database 11g Release 2, up to and including version
  • Oracle Database 12c Release 1, up to and including version
  • Oracle Database 12c Release 2, version

About the speaker

Since 1995, Christian Antognini has focused on understanding how the Oracle Database engine works. His main interests include logical and physical database design, the query optimizer and basically everything else related to application performance management. He is currently working as a senior principal consultant and trainer at Trivadis in Zürich, Switzerland.

If Christian is not helping one of his customers get the most out of Oracle Database, he is somewhere lecturing on application performance management or new Oracle Database performance features. In addition to classes and seminars organized by Trivadis, he regularly presents at conferences and user-group meetings. He is a proud member of the OakTable Network and an Oracle ACE Director. Christian is the author of Troubleshooting Oracle Performance (Apress, 2008/2014) and the co-author of Der Oracle DBA (Hanser, 2011/2016).

When is it planned

29-30 May 2017


The exact location will be announced later but we can tell you that the event will take place in Reykjavík, Iceland.


The price for the two-day course is ISK 179,500 (roughly €1,490).

This price includes the fee for the course, refreshments during breaks as well as a copy of the book Troubleshooting Oracle Performance (Apress, 2014).

Email us at for more information or register here.