Mirmon is a management and monitoring solution for IT systems that allows IT professionals to focus on what they should be doing – creating value.

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About Miracle Monitoring

Miracle Monitoring – Mirmon – allows organizations to focus on their core business rather than worry about the state and spiralling cost of their IT infrastructure. With Mirmon, the foundations of your business systems are proactively monitored to guarantee maximum performance and uninterrupted services.

Mirmon is built on our vast knowledge and experience in managing and operating critical IT systems for a wide range of clients. With Mirmon, owners of IT systems can expect to see up to an 80% reduction in incidents and business disruptions related to IT failure – and we can prove it.

Knowing that Miracle is watching your systems every hour of the day, every day of the year you will be able to sleep better at night.

Key Benefits

By removing the stress of reactively fixing broken IT systems Mirmon frees up time for IT teams to focus their efforts on design, proactive improvements and innovation to improve business processes and performance. After all, this is the purpose of IT.

  • Simple outsourcing of IT management
  • Maximized system availability
  • Live and automatic system documentation
  • Constant development drives continuous improvement
  • Fewer incidents allow better use of IT budget
  • Easy detection of security threats such as Heartbleed
  • Access to highly trained professionals with decades’ worth of experience in all major software systems
  • IT staff can focus on more valuable work than reactively addressing issues

Proactive management

With Mirmon, system behaviour is analysed and trended so failures can be avoided with pre-emptive actions. We do not wait until systems fail before we do something about them. We call this “the phone calls that do not have to be made”. A regular overview report will tell you what we did and why to keep your systems giving you the performance you need.

  • Performance baselines and performance trending data is collected to provide a picture of current and future performance
  • Centralized collection of information about system configuration and incidents
  • Incidents are analysed to identify a permanent solution
  • Alerts are diagnosed and classified to create an understanding of which issues are real and which are false positives
  • Regular management reports
  • Scheduled restore and recovery tests

Instant response

The main strength of Mirmon is not only the quick response during an outage but the proactive maintenance of IT that prevent incidents from occurring. Integrating experience into tools and processes allows owners of IT systems to immediately reap the benefits of collective knowledge.

  • Issues that need to be addressed are detected instantly when Mirmon has been installed
  • Improvement plans are created from automatic system diagnosis and analysis
  • Prompt response in case of IT-related failure
  • 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring and response
  • Remote management enables quick incident resolution

Community-driven development

In addition to improvements invented by Miracle’s experts, clients can suggest new features for Mirmon. These suggestions will be evaluated and prioritized and once implemented they are distributed centrally to every Mirmon installation. This enables every member of the Mirmon community to participate in a give-and-receive network that supports ever-improving monitoring and management of IT systems.

  • Fast improvements through idea sharing
  • Broad expert knowledge combined with local knowledge of each system creates best of breed monitoring
  • Clients benefit from each other’s experiences as improvements are deployed to a central management system

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