Miracle Data Security is a set of processes and tools that improve data security and control access to sensitive data.

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Organizations constantly need to verify their security policies and practices. Implementation of data security should be a proactive undertaking and an integral part of running IT systems. Addressing IT security as an afterthought leaves too much at risk.

Miracle offers a range of solutions and services that effectively and economically improve security and provide best security practices. Security assessments and audits include analysis of business processes and technical infrastructure to detect threats and define the associated risk in order to be able to manage and prevent it.

Assessment is comparing what you are doing to an external list of requirements.

Audit is verifying that you are doing what you say you are doing.

Miracle Data Security raises security awareness and provides solutions for creating and managing remediation project plans as well as consultation to attain the desired security level. Miracle Data Security ensures your data stays where you want it to stay.

Risk Management

Every IT system owner needs to find the balance between maximizing the usability of the IT environment on one hand and minimizing the risk of security breaches on the other while all the time controlling cost. In fact, usability and security should go hand in hand as one without the other will render any system useless in the long run. Miracle Data Security will help you find the correct solution to fit your business and your budget.

  • Security is a process, not a conclusion
  • Security is best ensured with proactive actions and controls
  • Gain a clear understanding of how your IT security is implemented
  • Verify that your data is adequately protected

Gap Analysis

A gap analysis compares how your processes and controls protect business data to an external list of requirements for data security. A comprehensive report on the strengths and weaknesses of your IT infrastructure will provide the correct focus for your data security initiatives. Our findings and suggestions will assist in identifying the correct solution for each issue.

  • Set a security level target
  • Based on security best practices
  • Implement security controls for any sensitive data, including payment card data
  • Meet the requirements of several security standards, including PCI-DSS and ISO 27001
  • Report on weaknesses and potential remedies


With online transactions constantly on the rise it is inevitable that in increase in online crime follows. A PCI-DSS audit ensures that your IT systems and processes meet an acceptable level of security for systems that process and store payment card data. With a PCI-DSS certification you can be sure that you are providing your business with the data protection it needs.

  • Certified professionals ensure you get a valid audit
  • Meet PCI security standards
  • Manage your liability in case of security breaches
  • Establish trust

Tools and Processes

Miracle offers a range of solutions and services that effectively and economically raise security levels for IT systems. Based on extensive experience, open source software and co-operation with specialized security firms Miracle Data Security offers a practical option for hardening systems and processes.

  • A range of solutions and services for fulfilling PCI-DSS requirements
  • Card number scanner
  • Centralized log management
  • Internal, Wi-Fi and external scanning
  • Best security practices
  • Compliance reports and certificates

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